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Wildlife Portraits & Painting


Wild animals and unspoiled nature are captured by the artist couple Sascha and Ingo Maas in their “Wildlife Portraits”. Alongside native and exotic wild animals, birds of prey, dogs and horses, the two artists also portray woods and plants that they have find in the forests of Europe and the savannah of Africa.

Faced with climate change and the global extinction of species, awareness of the need to preserve and protect nature and animals is becoming an increasingly important public concern.

Mainly on their travels, they receive inspiration for their themes, which they then combine in the studio in a mixture of detailed drawing and abstract painting to create a joint artwork.

In their commissioned works for dog and horse owners, hunters and falconers they combine traditional animal portrait painting, popular throughout all art periods, with a modern style.

Works of Art

Themes & Motives

Wildlife World

RHINO, acrylic, chalk ground, linseed oil, frottage, colour pencils, oil pencils, graphite on canvas, 170 x 125 cm, © Sascha & Ingo Maas

Wildlife Europe

MUFFLONS, acrylic, chalk ground, linseed oil, frottage, colour pencils, oil pencils, graphite on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, © Sascha & Ingo Maas

Wildlife Nature


Commissioned Works

WESTFALENTERRIER "NOX", acrylic, chalk ground, linseed oil, frottage, colour pencils, oil pencils, graphite on Fabiano Cotton, 40 x 50 cm, © Sascha & Ingo Maas

Wildlife Birds of Prey

GYRFALCON I, Acryl, Kreidegrund, Leinöl, Frottage, Farbstifte, Ölstifte, Graphit auf Fabriano Cotton, 70 x 100 cm, © Sascha & Ingo Maas

Wildlife Hunting

YOUNG BOAR, acrylic, chalk ground, linseed oil, crayons, oil pencils, graphite on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, © Sascha & Ingo Maas
Wildlife News


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    Editions & Beautiful Objects

    Wildlife Shop

    Sascha and Ingo Maas are always inspired by their artistic work to develop new ideas. They realise some of these ideas in small series and editions which are presented here in the Wildlife-Shop and are available for purchase – as long as stock lasts.

    Saschas and Ingos Africa pictures breathe the air of the savannah. As artists, they interpret the African animal world, but at the same time reproduce it in a natural and lifelike way. Their rhinos snort, and the buffalos look as if one owes them money.

    Dr. Rolf D. Baldus
    Animal protector with 13 years of experience in Tanzania and author of books like "Wild Heart of Africa" or "On Safari“

    Sascha and Ingo Maas are one of the few contemporary artist couples who have created a unique work both conceptually and artistically.

    Alexandra Wendorf
    Editor-in-chief Barton newspaper magazine for art, culture, design and literature

    The "Maas Weeks" in Spring 2019 will remain unforgettable. The "Wildlife" exhibition and accompanying programme at the Museum Koenig allowed visitors to experience a fascinating synthesis of art and nature, of creativity and expressive elegance by an exceptional artist couple.

    Helmut Stahl
    President of the Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft

    Into The Wild

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