Wildlife World

Into the Wild

The subjects in Wildlife World encompass depictions of exotic animals in moments of pure authenticity. Whether it is a big cat, antelope, buffalo or rhinoceros – all animals are captured in impressive portraits. They originate from the vast savannahs of Africa, the sheer endless plains of North America and the tropical forests of Asia.

Awareness of the protection and preservation of endangered wildlife and its habitat also plays an important role in the choice of subject. Sascha and Ingo Maas want to capture the uniqueness and vulnerable beauty of animals facing climate change and worldwide extinction of species.

Saschas and Ingos Africa pictures breathe the air of the savannah. As artists, they interpret the African animal world, but at the same time reproduce it in a natural and lifelike way. Their rhinos snort, and the buffalos look as if one owes them money.

Dr. Rolf D. Baldus
Animal protector with 13 years of experience in Tanzania and author of books like "Wild Heart of Africa" or "On Safari“

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