Commissioned Works

Individual Portraits

Commissioned by dog and horse owners, falconers and hunters, these works combine the traditional genre of animal portraits, popular throughout all art epochs, with a modern and expressive style: detailed drawing meets abstract structure, photorealistic painting meets colour field painting. Sascha & Ingo Maas are dedicated to catching the uniqueness of each

animal portrayed. This gives the individual animal portraits a highly empathetic, distinctive and characteristic effect. The portrayed animals seem so alive (living soul) that fascinating every viewer is fascinated in a deep way. The well-balanced compositions also confer an intensity on the portraits making each animal portrayed a true personality.

Commissioned Works

How an Animal Portrait is Created

Choosing a Motive or Photo Shooting
Phase 1
Sascha and Ingo Maas receive a nice photo of the animal portrayed. If possible, the artist couple gets to know the animal personally in a photo shooting.
Phase 2
The most suitable photo is chosen together with the client as a template. Costs and scheduling, size of the artwork, framing and transport are coordinated.
Phase 3
Sascha Maas prepares the canvas applying her special glaze technique with structures matching the subject. Ingo Maas makes the detailed drawing. In several steps, the artist couple rework the painting to create the characteristic expression of the portrayed animal.
The Final Touch
Phase 4
After the artwork has been signed by the artist couple, it is be provided with a handmade frame made of brushed local woods - depending on the client's individual wishes.
Delivery of the Portrait
Phase 5
Finally, they are delivered personally or shipped by the artists - in insured custom-fit climate boxes for international customers.
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Besichtigung nach Vereinbarung.

Für eine erste unverbindliche Idee senden Sie uns bitte ein/mehrere Foto(s) des Motivs per E-Mail zu. Wir setzen uns dann schnellstmöglich mit Ihnen in Verbindung.

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